EziStage Safe Operating Instructions

Download a printable PDF version of these instructions here.

Roll the EziStage into position. Use two hands to push. When moving it up a slope, keep the unit parallel to the slope to avoid overturning.
Place one hand on the top of the wing for stability. With the other hand pull the green crossbar up and out, which will lower the wing.
Lower wing down to set position. Do not attempt to move or reposition the stage until both wings are down and the stage is completely flat and especially do not pull the lowered wing towards you. The risk of tipping the stage is greater when it is only half open.
Do not leave the stage unattended in a half-open position. Repeat the process on the other side. EziStage is now in its set position and ready for skirts and steps to be added, or additional stage modules. The stage position may be safely adjusted now it is fully open
Add skirts, steps, rails and drapes if required.
For maximum safety we recommend using ratchet straps to secure the stage segments together.